Season: 5

Original Airdate: 5/16/1992

Writer(s): Ronald D. Moore
Director(s): David Carson

Guest Stars
Thomas Kopache as Mirok
Susanna Thompson as Varel
Kenneth Meseroll as Ensign McDowell
Shelby Leverington as Brossmer
Brian Cousins as Parem
Michelle Forbes as Ensign Ro Laren

Stardate: N/A

Synopsis: The Enterprise assists a damaged Romulan vessel but, when Geordi and Ro attempt to beam back to the Enterprise with some damaged equipment that needs replacing, they fail to rematerialize and cannot be found by the sensors. Ro and Geordi are presumed dead, but they have not died. They discover they are in a cloaked, phased state where they can see and hear the crew but the crew cannot see or hear them. As they attempt to deal with their situation they uncover a plot by the Romulans to destroy the Enterprise and must find a way to return to normal, if possible, and warn their fellow crewmembers.

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