Season: 1

Original Airdate: 5/14/1988

Writer(s): Deborah McIntyre & Mona Glee
Director(s): James L. Conway

Guest Stars
Marc Alaimo as Commander Tebok
Gracie Harrison as Clare
Anthony James as Subcommander Thei
Peter Mark Richman as Ralph
Leon Rippy as Sonny

Stardate: 41986

Synopsis: While Picard attends an emergency conference, the Enterprise discovers a 20th Century Earth-craft with three humans aboard frozen in suspended animation. The humans are revived and have trouble acclimating to the changes in the 370 years they have been asleep. Meanwhile, Picard returns from his meeting to inform the crew that several outposts at the edge of the Neutral Zone have been destroyed and Romulans are suspected. The Enterprise has been sent to investigate.

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