Season: 2

Original Airdate: 2/11/1989

Writer(s): Melinda M. Snodgrass
Director(s): Robert Scheerer

Guest Stars
Brian Brophy as Commander David Maddox
Clyde Kusatsu as Admiral Nakamura
Amanda McBroom as Capt. Philipa Louvois

Stardate: 42523.7

Synopsis: A cybernetics expert wishes to dismantle Data for study so he can build more androids. When Picard declines, Maddox produces orders transferring Data to his command. Picard attempts to find a way to block the transfer but the only option is for Data to resign. However, it is discovered that, according to current laws, Data is considered property and cannot resign. In order to challenge this law, Picard is forced to defend Data in a hearing and Riker is forced to act as the prosecutor.

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