Season: 1

Original Airdate: 10/18/1987

Writer(s): Richard Krzemien
Director(s): Richard Colla

Guest Stars
Jake Dengel as Mordoc
Mike Gomez as DaiMon Taar
Darryl Henriques as Portal
Armin Shimerman as Letek
Tracey Walter as Kayron

Stardate: 41386.4

Synopsis: A Ferengi vessel steals an energy unit from a Federation base and the Enterprise pursues. Both ships are rendered immobile as they pass an unknown solar system. Believing each other responsible for the immobility, they discuss surrender. Meanwhile, an Enterprise probe discovers that a force-field on the nearby planet is actually responsible and a joint expedition of Ferengi and Federation personnel, beam down to explore. They encounter a mysterious being known as Portal who presents them a test.

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