Season: 4

Original Airdate: 4/27/1991

Writer(s): Jeri Taylor
Director(s): Jonathan Frakes

Guest Stars
Bruce French as Sabin
Spencer Garrett as Simon Tarses
Ann Shea as Nelien
Jean Simmons as Admiral Satie
Henry Woronicz as J’Ddan
Earl Billings as Starfleet Admiral

Stardate: 44769.2

Synopsis: A mysterious explosion and a Klingon exchange officer caught sending Federation secrets to the Romulans lead to an investigation headed by Admiral Satie. The Admiral, well known for resolving difficult disputes and brilliantly leading investigations arrives on the Enterprise with her entourage and proceeds to investigate the alleged treason. In the course of her investigations she turns up the fact that a crewman, Simon Tarsis, lied on his Acadamey application form. He originally claimed he was a Human/Vulcan hybrid but is actually a Human/Romulan mix. Satie attempts to prove that Tarsis is the person mainly responsible for leaking secrets to the Romulans on a regular basis. Picard objects to her methods and deductions, she accuses Picard of being involved in the conspiracy and threatens to ruin his career in Starfleet.

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