Season: 3

Original Airdate: 6/16/1990

Writer(s): Michael Piller
Director(s): Cliff Bole

Guest Stars
Colm Meaney as Miles O’Brien
George Murdock as Admiral Hanson
Elizabeth Dennehy as Lt. Commander Shelby
Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan

Stardate: 43989.1

Synopsis: One of the outermost colonies of the Federation has been recently lost and the Enterprise is sent to investigate. They discover that the entire town has been removed and only a crater remains. Fearing that this might be the first step in the invasion by the Borg, the Enterprise takes on board Lt. Commander Shelby who has become the Federation’s tactical expert on the Borg. She makes it plain to many that she is highly interested in replacing Riker, who has, again, been offered his own command. Admiral Hanson attempts to convince Picard that Riker should take the new command for the good of his career. After investigating the evidence, they come to the conclusion that it was the Borg that destroyed the colony. Now, the Federation has to develop weapons and defenses against the cyborg aliens. While Shelby and the Enterprise crew struggle with the problem, they learn that a Federation ship sent out a distress call describing an encounter with the Borg. The Enterprise, being the nearest ship, travels to the scene and meet the Borg. The Borg hail Picard specifically and demand that Picard beam aboard their ship immediately, threatening the destruction of the Enterprise if he refuses. Picard, naturally, refuses. After a brief, but losing battle with the Borg, the Enterprise, to escape, enters a nebula with the Borg ship in pursuit. Once in the nebula, they drop to impulse and begin repairs to the ship. They also analyze the recent battle and discover that the Borg are vulnerable to phasers in one particular frequency band. The Borg ship starts mining the nebula and forces the Enterprise out. Once out of the nebula, several Borg beam over to the Enterprise and grab Picard. The Borg then head for Earth. The Enterprise crew must devise a plan to cripple the Borg ship and retrieve Picard. This episode is the finale of the third season and is a cliffhanger episode to be continued in the fourth season.

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