Season: 1

Original Airdate: 4/9/1988

Writer(s): Maurice Hurley & Robert Lewin
Director(s): Les Landau

Guest Stars
George De La Pena as Lt. Solis
Julia Nickson as Lt. Lian T’Su
Marco Rodriguez as Captain Paul Rice
Vyto Rugins as Chief Engineer Logan
Vincent Schiavelli as Peddler

Stardate: 41798.2

Synopsis: The Enterprise arrives at Minos, a planet once inhabited by weapons manufacturers who have been destroyed by their own creations. Automated salesmen and weapons display systems still function and the away team is forced to fight for their lives against weapons that keep getting more sophisticated and intelligent as time passes. Meanwhile, in orbit around the planet, Geordi in command of the Enterprise is forced to fight another weapons system with the capability to cloak itself.

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