Season: 4

Original Airdate: 11/3/1990

Writer(s): Drew Deighan, Thomas Perry and Jo Perry
Director(s): Jonathan Frakes

Guest Stars
Robert O’Reilly as Gowron
Suzie Plakson as K’Ehleyr
Charles Cooper as K’mpec
Patrick Massett as Duras
Jon Steuer as Alexander
April Grace as Transporter Technician
Basil Wallace as Guard #1
Michael Rider as Security Guard
Mirron E. Willis as Klingon

Stardate: 44246.3

Synopsis: The leader of the Klingons, K’Mpec, is dying and asks for Picards help in finding which of his two successors – Duras and Gowron, poisoned him. Meanwhile, Worf has a reunion with his former mate, Ambassador K’Ehleyr, and their son.

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