Season: 5

Original Airdate: 1/4/1992

Writer(s): Sara Charno and Stuart Charno
Director(s): Robert Scheerer

Guest Stars
Georgia Brown as Helena
Brian Bonsall as Alexander
Richard McGonagle as Dr. Ja’Dar
Jennifer Edwards as Lowry
Sheila Franklin as Ensign
Majel Barrett as Computer Voice

Stardate: 45376.3

Synopsis: The Enterprise heads to Bilana Three to help with historic tests of a new propulsion method, a Soliton Wave, which would impart warp drive to a ship without the bulky warp drive engines. While in the sector, Worf’s mother visits the ship with Worf’s son, Alexander who has been having difficulties living on Earth. Alexander stays on the Enterprise and enrolls in school but he appears to be a liar, a thief and a bully. Worf must learn to build a relationship with Alexander and learn how to be a father. Meanwhile, the experimental ship and Soliton Wave perform beautifully at first but, something goes wrong – a power fluctuation causes the wave to go out of control, destroying the test ship and damaging the Enterprise’s engines, shields and sensors. The wave, at an unexpected energy level, heads toward a populated colony at warp speed and, if it hits the colony will completely destroy it. The Enterprise must find a way to stop the wave before it is too late.

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