Season: 3

Original Airdate: 5/26/1990

Writer(s): Fred Bronson & Susan Sackett
Director(s): Robert Legato

Guest Stars
Majel Barrett as Lwaxana Troi
Carel Struycken as Mr. Homn
Rudolph Willrich as Reittan Grax
Frank Corsentino as DaiMon Tog
Ethan Phillips as Dr. Farek
Peter Slutsker as Nibor

Stardate: 43930.7

Synopsis: The Enterprise travels to Betazed for a reception following a trade agreement. While there Deanna visits her mother and gets into an argument about settling down and raising a family. Meanwhile, Daimon Tog, of the Ferengi, takes a liking to Lwaxana both sexually and because her telepathy will help him in making deals. Lwaxana is repulsed by his offers and orders him away. Tog, not to be dismissed so easily, kidnaps Lwaxana (along with Riker and Deanna) and takes them aboard his ship where he hopes to convince Lwaxana to marry him.

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