Season: 2

Original Airdate: 1/7/1989

Writer(s): Jacqueline Zambrano
Director(s): Larry Shaw

Guest Stars
Leo Damian as Warrior/Andonis
Marnie Mosiman as Woman
Thomas Oglesby as Scholar
Howie Seago as Riva

Stardate: 42477.2

Synopsis: A deaf mediator travels on the Enterprise to Solaris 5. He is deaf and dumb and communicates through his “Chorus” who receive his thoughts and speak for him. Each member of the three person Chorus speaks for a different part of his personality. The mediator becomes attracted to Troi who reciprocates. After beaming down to the planet to begin negotiations, one of the delegates who is apparently not interested in peace, attempts to kill he mediator but instead kills his Chorus. The mediator now must decide to return home or try and continue his mission.

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