Season: 5

Original Airdate: 1/25/1992

Writer(s): Hilary J. Bader
Director(s): Patrick Stewart

Guest Stars
Steven Einspahr as Teacher
Sheila Franklin as Ensign
Joshua Harris as Timothy
Harley Venton as Transporter Chief

Stardate: 45397.3

Synopsis: The Federation loses communication with a science vessel sent to explore a strange star cluster and the Enterprise is sent to investigate. When they get there, they find the ship has been destroyed and the only survivor is a young boy who tells them that the ship was destroyed by an unknown enemy. The boy suffers from the trauma of losing his parents and latches on to Data as his friend and hero. The boy begins emulating Data as a way of coping with the tragedy. Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew tries to discover the identity of the unknown assailants that destroyed the research ship.

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