Season: 4

Original Airdate: 3/9/1991

Writer(s): Thomas Kartozian
Director(s): Winrich Kolbe

Guest Stars
Susan Gibney as Leah Brahms
Lanei Chapman as Ensign Estevez
Jana Marie Hupp as Ensign Pavlik
Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan
April Grace as Transporter Technician

Stardate: 44614.6

Synopsis: The Enterprise is visited by Dr. Leah Brahms who has been sent by Starfleet to review the changes made to her engine designs. Geordi, having fallen in love with the hologram-created version of the doctor has difficulty in learning to deal with the real thing. Meanwhile, the Enterprise comes upon an unusual alien being that lives in space. The alien being, threatened by the presence of the ship attacks and Captain Picard defends the ship with minimal phaser power. Unfortunately, the even minimal power is too much and the creature is killed instantly. As Picard and the crew ponder their actions, they discover that the dead alien was pregnant and, with some assistance from the Enterprise, a baby alien is born. But, the baby believes the ship to be its mother and the Enterprise has to discover a way to wean the baby.

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