Season: 4

Original Airdate: 2/16/1991

Writer(s): Marc Scott Zicree
Director(s): Cliff Bole

Guest Stars
George Coe as Durken
Michael Ensign as Krola
Steven Anderson as Nilrem
George Hearn as Berel
Bebe Neuwirth as Lanel
Sachi Parker as Tava
Carolyn Seymour as Mirasta

Stardate: N/A

Synopsis: Riker is captured by a planet on that is being investigated by the Federation prior to being officially contacted. The civilization is just on the verge of space travel but still believe themselves to be the only beings in the universe. Thus, the presence of Riker, an alien, comes as quite a shock to the leaders of the planet. In order to save Riker, Picard must violate the Prime Directive and make his presence known to the people of the planet ahead of schedule.

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