Season: 6

Original Airdate: 6/19/1993

Writer(s): Jeri Taylor
Director(s): Alexander Singer

Guest Stars
Brian Cousins as Crosis
Jim Norton as Albert Einstein
Natalija Nogulich as Admiral Nechayev
John Neville as Isaac Newton
Prof. Stephen Hawking as Professor Stephen Hawking

Stardate: 46982.1

Synopsis: This cliffhanger finale to the sixth season finds the Enterprise in combat once more with the Borg but, this time, the Borg are different. They have become individuals and have changed their tactics confusing the crew of the Enterprise. When one of the Borg is captured, they discover that the Borg are now lead by someone who has taught them new ideas. Meanwhile, Data is confronted with the emergence of a new experience – emotion. While fighting the Borg, Data gets “angry” and kills one of the Borg and later admits that he felt “pleasure” in it. He is very confused by the new experiences and seeks to understand them better. When the captured Borg offers him an explanation, Data helps him escape the ship in a shuttlecraft. When the Enterprise follows, they discover the Borg on a remote planet and discover who is behind the new and deadlier Borg.

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