Season: 3

Original Airdate: 2/3/1990

Writer(s): Richard Danus
Director(s): Les Landau

Guest Stars
John de Lancie as Q
Corbin Bernsen as Q2
Richard Cansino as Dr. Garin
Betty Muramoto as Scientist

Stardate: 43539.1

Synopsis: While on a mission to rescue a planet from its own moon which has fallen out of orbit, the Enterprise is visited once more by the mysterious Q. This time, Q, totally naked, claims he has been kicked out of the Q-Continuum and asks for sanctuary. Q is now mortal and wants guidance from the crew on how to be human, in exchange for his experience and knowledge. While on the Enterprise, Q is attacked by the Calamarians, a race that wants revenge on Q for acts done to them.

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