Season: 5

Original Airdate: 4/18/1992

Writer(s): Peter Allan Fields
Director(s): Winrich Kolbe

Guest Stars
Tony Jay as Campio
David Oliver as Young Man
Majel Barrett as Lwaxana Troi
Albie Selznick as Juggler
Patrick Cronin as Erko
Tracey D’arcy as Young Woman
George Edie as Poet
Christopher Halste as First Learner
Brian Bonsall as Alexander
Carel Struycken as Mr. Homn

Stardate: 45733.6

Synopsis: Lwaxana Troi has decided to get married again and has decided to use the Enterprise for her wedding ceremony. While the Enterprise conveys her to meet her beau, she takes Alexander under her wing and attempts to undermine the teachings of his father and her daughter. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew tries to determine the reason for several critical components disintegrating mysteriously.

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