Season: 2

Original Airdate: 3/18/1989

Writer(s): Steve Gerber and Beth Woods
Director(s): Joseph L. Scanlan

Guest Stars
Thalmus Rasulala as Captain Donald Varley
Carolyn Seymour as Sub-Commander Taris

Stardate: 42609.1

Synopsis: The Enterprise rushes to the Neutral Zone to aid the U.S.S. Yamato which has been plagued by systems failures. Shortly after the arrival of the Enterprise, the Yamato explodes and a Romulan ship uncloaks. After examining the logs of the Yamato, it becomes clear that the Romulans were not responsible for the destruction of the ship. The captain of the Yamato had apparently found the legendary planet of Iconia and his ship was infected by a computer virus transmitted by a probe from that planet. That virus was apparently the cause of the system failures and the final destruction. Unfortunately, since the Enterprise downloaded the logs from the Yamato’s computers, it too has the same virus. Picard must travel to Iconia in the hopes of finding a cure to the virus.

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