Season: 6

Original Airdate: 11/7/1992

Writer(s): Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Director(s): Patrick Stewart

Guest Stars
John Pyper-Ferguson as Eli Hollander
Joy Garrett as Annie
Jorge Cervera as Bandito
Majel Barrett as Computer Voice
Brian Bonsall as Alexander

Stardate: 46271.5

Synopsis: During a brief rest while awaiting a rendezvous with another ship, several members of the crew take the time-off to enjoy themselves or work on special projects. Picard attempts to learn the recorder, Dr. Crusher, with Commander Riker work on rehearsals for a play, Geordi and Data work on an experiment to tie Data in to the computer system, and Worf, Alexander and Counselor Troi enjoy themselves in a holodeck adventure set in the “Ancient West” sic in which Worf and Alexander are the sheriff and deputy faced with the task of bringing Eli Hollander to justice. Troi takes the role of Durango, the “mysterious stranger just passing through town.” Problems ensue however, when a power flux causes part of the Enterprise computer system to be replaced by part of Data’s programming. The part of the computer system that’s affected – the part that controls recreational activities. Dr. Crusher’s play is replaced by Data’s poetry, Picard’s music is replaced by music Data had been recently studying, Data starts behaving oddly, and the holodeck adventure takes an unplanned, and deadly turn. In this episode, ably directed by Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner plays six additional roles besides Data. For those playing spot the actor, Brent replaced John Pyper Ferguson as Eli Hollander, appeared as Eli’s father, Frank, appeared as Hollander’s two henchmen, and appeared at the end of the adventure in drag as Annie; the sixth appearance was the hardest to spot – Brent also played the man sitting in the rocker at the beginning of the holodeck adventure.

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