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Zakdorn   Zalkonian


zakdornHomeworld: Unknown, possibly Zakdor or Zakdorn
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None known
Federation Status: Member
First Encountered: A Zakdorn strategist came on board the USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-D for battle training games (Peak Performance, TNG.)
Distinctive Features: Three pouches of thick, fibrous tissue on both of their cheeks
Known members: Klim Dokachin, Sirna Kolrami

For nine millennia, the Zakdorn have been regarded by potential foes as having the greatest innately strategic minds in the galaxy. Because of this perception, no one has tested the Zakdorn in combat. As a people, the Zakdorn were generally replete with self-assuredness and overconfidence.


zalkonianHomeworld: Zalkon
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: humanoid, evolving to non-corporeal lifeforms
Environmental requirements: M class as humanoid
Telepathic abilities: None known
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: First contact in 2366. “Transfigurations” TNG.
Distinctive Features: Humanoid members had multiple horizontal facial ridges on their foreheads
Known members: John Doe, Sunad

By 2366, many Zalkonians began to undergo the process of evolving into powerful non-corporeal lifeforms. They began experiencing isoelectric bursts as part of this process. The Zalkonian people were frightened by those undergoing the change and their government began exterminating anyone showing symptoms.

In 2366, the USS Enterprise-D discovered Zalkonian in a crashed Zalkonian escape pod. He suffered from complete memory loss as a result of injuries sustained in the crash and was name John Doe by Dr. Crusher.

John Doe was able to repair himself at a phenomenal rate. He also possessed the ability to heal others with a single touch.