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Q   Qomar


qHomeworld: Q Continuum
Life Span: immortal
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Non-corporeal
Environmental requirements: Any
Telepathic abilities: None known/needed
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: By the USS Enterprise-D, Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Distinctive Features: Appeared as human, but can take any form desired.
Known members: Q, Female Q, Q2, Q junior, Amanda Rogers, Quinn, William T. Riker (briefly)

The Q were a seemingly omnipotent, god-like and immortal species who form the Q Continuum, possessing the ability of instantaneous matter-energy transformation and teleportation, as well as the ability of time travel. The Q have control over space, matter, reality, and time.

Q was first encountered by the Federation when he appeared aboard the USS Enterprise-D in early 2364. He warned the crew of the Enterprise that Humanity should return to their home star system or be destroyed.

When Picard refused, Q placed Humanity on trial, with Jean-Luc Picard and his command crew as representatives. Q accused Humanity of being a “dangerous, savage child-race.”


qomarHomeworld: Unknown, Delta quadrant
Warp capable: yes
Classification: Humanoid
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: by Voyager, (VOY: “Virtuoso”)
Distinctive Features: Ridged protrusion that passed from the top of their nose to the top of their forehead.
Known members: Abarca, Azen, Koru, Tincoo, Vinka

The Qomar were a species of mathematicians, and believe everything had a complex equation behind its existence. They were notorious for their xenophobic and obnoxiously arrogant attitude.

They have no interest in the arts, though it appears that they like singing after hearing the holographic Doctor sing opera. However, the Doctor eventually realizes that the Qomar are interested purely in music’s mathematical qualities, not the emotional or artistic value.