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kaelonHomeworld: Kaelon II
Life Span: 60
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None, but can not be read by telephaths
Federation Status: Allied
First Encountered: by the USS Enterprise-D (TNG: “Half a Life”)
Distinctive Features: crimson forehead stripe like markings.
Known members: B’Tardat, Dara, Timicin

The Kaelons practiced ritual suicide at the age of 60 in a ceremony referred to as the Resolution. There are no exceptions under any circumstance and Kaelon has lost many of its best minds to this ritual.

They asked the Federation for help after generations of failing to ignite their dieing star on their own.


karemmaHomeworld: Karemma.
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None known
Federation Status: Enemies
Affiliation: Dominion
First Encountered: DS9: The Search, Part 1.
Distinctive Features: Head ridge that goes down, and over the nose to the chin. Ridge makes their nose looks very large.
Known members: Ornithar, Hanok

First contact was made between the Karemma and the Ferengi in 2370. The Ferengi struck a trade deal with the Karemma, who agreed to purchase tulaberry wine from the Alpha Quadrant.

In 2371, Federation representatives aboard the USS Defiant approached the Karemma in an effort to contact the Founders.

The Karemma were naive when it came to business dealings, and the Ferengi took advantage of them for a while by gouging them with fabricated taxes and tariffs.

In 2372, trade minister Hanok met with the staff Deep Space 9 to discuss their complaints with Ferengi trade practices. During this meeting Hanok also helped the crew of the starship Defiant deal with a Jem’Hadar attack.


kazonHomeworld: Unknown planet in the Delta quadrant.
Warp capable: Unknown, but likely.
Borg Designation: Species 329 (unworthy of assimilation)
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None Known
Federation Status: Enemies
Affiliation: Kazon Collective
First Encountered: by voyager, “Caretaker”
Blood Coloration: Red (iron based)
Distinctive Features: Forehead ridges and matted hair
Known members: Culluh,Haliz, Haron, Jabin, Karden, Kinell, Loran, Lorrum, Minnis, Razik, Rettik, Rulat, Sankur, Surat, Tersa, Tierna, Valek

The Kazon are a violent warrior species native to the Delta Quadrant. Kazon society is divided into a number of sects that fight each other over territory and resources. As of 2372, there were 18 different sects in the Kazon Collective.

The Kazon were a subjugated race, used as slave labor by the Trabe, who had conquered their homeworld.
However in 2372, Jal Sankur convinced the various sects to join together and revolt against their Trabe oppressors. They successfully rid the homeworld of the Trabe, while obtaining Trabe vessels technology.

The following is a list of the Kazon sects we know the names of and the first Majes (leaders) during the 2370s.

Kazon-Ogla (First Maje:Jabin)
Kazon-Nistrim (First Maje:Culluh)
Kazon-Ogla (First Maje:Razik)
Kazon-Ogla (First Maje:Haliz)
Kazon-Relora (First Maje:Haron)
Kazon-Mostral (First Maje:Surat)
Kazon-Pommar (First Maje:Minnis)
Kazon-Hobii (First Maje:Loran)
Kazon-Oglamar (First Maje:Valek)


kelvanHomeworld: Kelva, in the Andromeda Galaxy
Warp capable: Faster-than-light propulsion systems
Classification: None-humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: Unknown
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: TOS: By Any Other Name
Distinctive Features: At least twice the size of an adult Klingon male. In true form had hundreds of tentacle-like limbs that could work independently.
Known members: Rojan, Kelinda, Hanar, Tomar, Drea


As refugees of a galaxy poisoned by heavy radiation, the Kelvans assumed humanoid form, and were finding themselves beginning to show characteristics of the bodies they assumed. The impression was that a Kelvan in true form would never conduct themselves in the manner that most humanoids do. The Federation helped settle them on a new planet.


klingonHomeworld: Qo’noS
Life Span: 150 years
Warp capable: Yes, 930 AD
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Allied
Affiliation: Klingon Empire
First Encountered: Encountered by the USS Enterprise (TOS: Errand of Mercy). First encounter on Earth in Broken Bow, Oklahoma (ENT: Broken Bow)
Blood Coloration: red or pink
Distinctive Features: Forehead ridges
Known members: Worf, B’Elanna Torres (half), Kor, Gorkon, Gowron, Duras sisters, Alexander Rozhenko…many to mention all here.
One of the major powers of the galaxy, the Klingons were a proud, tradition-bound people who valued honor and combat. The aggressive Klingon culture had made them an interstellar military power to be respected and feared.

Once at war with the Federation Klingons are now close allies. A few Klingons like Worf and Belanna Torres serve on board federation ships.

Klingon culture was shaped by centuries of tradition. Most of the basics of their society were laid out by Kahless the Unforgettable during the forging of the First Empire.

The Code of Kahless consisted of basic rules to limit combat to a contest between equals. It ensured Klingons remained true to their word, that they would not intentionally target non-combatants, or declared neutral parties, and that they would attack openly, and not hide behind poisons or assassins.

Klingon society functioned through a system of family reputation and honor. Tradition was an integral part of their lives and breaking from observances was considered a grievous insult to society, an insult not forgotten easily. An offense usually brought shame to the offender’s name for several generations. The highest shame was discommendation, an action by the High Council to officially strip a Klingon of his personal or family honor.

When a Klingon died, the spirit was considered to have exited the body, leaving behind a worthless shell to be disposed of. In the Klingon death ritual, it was traditional for those on hand to howl into the sky, as a warning to the afterlife that a Klingon warrior was about to arrive. Those who died honorably supposedly went to Sto-vo-kor, where Kahless was said to await them.

The dishonored, however, were banished forever to the fire and icy wastes of Gre’thor, a barren wasteland guarded by the great Fek’lhr beast, the Klingon devil. Once a Klingon arrived in the underworld, they would board the Barge of the Dead, where Kortar, the first Klingon, would set sail for Gre’thor.

Klingon society was based on a feudal system organized around traditional Great Houses of noble lineage, to which various parts of the population owed fealty. The Great Houses are traditionally represented in the Klingon High Council, which is led by a Chancellor.

Known Klingon Great Houses: House of Antaak, House of D’Ghor, House of Duras, House of Grilka, House of Konjah, House of Kor, House of Martok, House of Mo’Kai, House of Mogh, House of Noggra


kradinHomeworld: Unknown, Delta quadrant
Warp capable: Unknown
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None Known
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: by Voyager, VOY: “Nemesis”
Distinctive Features: muscular ridges around the face, and teeth on all sides of their mouth
Known members: Ambassador Treen

The Kradin were engaged in a war with a race called the Vori, although it is not clear which side started the war. Ambassador Treen a representative for the Kradin government aided in the recovery of Chakotay from Vori imprisonment and brainwashing.


krenimHomeworld: Delta quadrant, possibly Krenos
Warp capable:Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None known
Federation Status: Enemies
Affiliation: Krenim Imperium
First Encountered: 2374-2375. Temporal disturbances reported during all encounters makes specific stardates difficult to pinpoint. VOY: “Year of Hell”
Known members: Annorax, Obrist.

The Krenim were a technologically-advanced humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant. In an alternate timeline, Voyager traversed Krenim space beginning on stardate 50973, enduring constant Krenim attacks in what the crew eventually termed the “Year of Hell”. A large number of the crew was killed, including Captain Kathryn Janeway, B’Elanna Torres, and Joseph Carey. During one of the Krenim attacks, Kes was exposed to chroniton radiation. The Doctor’s attempts to save her caused her to travel randomly backwards in time to various points in her own life. While she was in 2373, Kes warned Janeway of the Krenim danger. As a result Voyager avoided Krenim space and little is known about this species.


ktarianHomeworld: Ktaris
Life Span: Unknown but infants have a much higher rate of growth than Human infants.
Warp capable: Yes
Borg Designation: Species 6961
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Neutral possibly a member
First Encountered: TNG: “The Game”
Distinctive Features: various forehead bumps or spikes
Known members: Greskrendtregk, Etana Jol, Mizan,Naomi Wildman (half Human)

Ktarians are renowned for advancements in neurology. They created a type of mind-control technology disguised as the highly addictive “Ktarian game”, and attempted to use it in order to wrest control of Starfleet. The Ktarians almost succeeded in gaining control of the USS Enterprise-D but failed due to the efforts of Lieutenant Commander Data, Ensign Robin Lefler, and Wesley Crusher.

Despite this incident relations between the Ktarian and the Federation seem to be in good standing as demonstrated by the marriage of the U.S.S Voyager’s Xenobiologist (Ensign Samantha Wildman,) to a Ktarian named Greskrendtregk.