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darsayHomeworld: Unknown planet in the D’Arsay system
Warp capable: Unknown but likely based on technology level
Classification: Unknown
Environmental requirements: Unknown
Telepathic abilities: Unknown
Federation Status: Existed before the Federation was founded
First Encountered: by the Enterprise D, TNG: “Masks”
Known members: Korgano, Masaka, Ihat, Masaka’s father

The D’Arsay were an alien race who existed 87 million years ago. They built the D’Arsay archive which was discovered by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in the center of a rogue comet in 2370.

The archive contained records of artifacts and personalities from D’Arsay mythology.

Using the ship’s replicator, the archive transformed parts of the ship. The archive also altered the positronic brain programming of Lt. Commander Data to take on multiple personalities from the civilization and mythology.


deltanHomeworld: Delta IV
Warp capable: Yes, 2181
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: Empathic, able to ease pain.
Federation Status: Member 2259
First Encountered: Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Blood Coloration: red (iron based)
Distinctive Features: no hair except for eyebrows and lashes
Known members: Lieutenant Ilia, Niro

Deltans are known for their peaceful, unified culture, emotionally balanced nature and open sexuality. Deltans were best known for their high sexuality, both sexes emitted some of the most potent pheromones known to Federation science. As a result, Deltans were something of natural aphrodisiacs, with a strong effect on most humanoid species. Deltans who serve in Starfleet are required to swear an oath of celibacy to protect their crewmates from this effect.


denobulanHomeworld: Denobula
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: Class M
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Member
First Encountered: ENT: Broken Bown
Distinctive Features: Prominent facial ridges running down either side of the forehead to the cheeks, an enlarged brow ridge under a high receding hairline, a vertical crevice in the center of the forehead and a ridged chin.
Known members: Phlox.
Denobulans typically preferred to be among large groups and found solitude uncomfortable. However, Denobulans, at least males, were uncomfortable being touched by persons they were not intimate with. Denobulans were typically polyamorous, where a man typically had three wives, who each had three husbands. This created extremely large extended families; Phlox had 720 familial relationships, 42 with sexual possibilities.

Denobulans were typically very patient. The species was renowned for having this quality in abundance. They only require six days of sleep per year (though, according to Dr. Phlox, two will suffice).


devidianHomeworld: Devidia
Classification: Shapeshifter
Environmental requirements: Lived out of phase with most other lifeforms with a phase variance of 0.004
Telepathic abilities: None known
Federation Status: Enemy
First Encountered: TNG: Time’s Arrow
Distinctive Features: silver-gray in color, 2 to 3 meters high. No noticeable eyes or ears, and a single mouth like opening on forehead.


A shape-shifting race who exist in another phase and are visible only to those viewers or mechanical scanners that have matched their synchronic distortion of +0.004%.

Devidians’ only useful form of nourishment was Human neural energy. They acquired this energy by draining the subject of their neural energy, killing the subject. They also possessed the ability to travel through time and preyed on Humans from 19th century San Francisco using the cholera epidemic at the time as a cover for their murders.


dosiHomeworld: Gamma Quadrant, Dosa II (possibly)
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None known
Affiliation: Dosi Confederation, Dominion
First Encountered: DS9 episode: “Rules of Acquisition”
Distinctive Features: Face-paint
Known members: Inglatu, Zyree

The Dosi placed great importance on business and were extremely aggressive negotiators, to the point that fatalities were not uncommon.

In 2370, Grand Nagus Zek had Quark open negotiations with the Dosi for tulaberry wine, although Zek’s real goal was to get the name of a contact in the Dominion so the Ferengi could open business negotiations with them. Quark and Pel negotiated with Inglatu and Zyree on Deep Space 9 and later on the Dosi homeworld.


douwdHomeworld: Unknown, one living on Delta Rana IV
Life Span: Immortal
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Non-coporeal, Energy beings
Telepathic abilities: Unclear, able to make people see and/or hear things.
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: TNG episode: “The Survivors”
Known members: Kevin Uxbridge

The Douwd were a powerful, immortal race made of pure energy. Capable of creating disguises and false surroundings by manipulating matter and energy. They have the ability to create and destroy on an epic scale.

Only one individual from the Douwd race has been encountered, a being who referred to itself as Kevin Uxbridge while in Human form. Living in human form and hiding his true identity he married Rishon (a human). When was Rishon 77 years old the couple moved to the Federation colony on Delta Rana IV.

In 2366, a warship belonging to a vicious species known as the Husnock attacked the planet. As Kevin possessed a pacifist conscience, he refused to destroy the Husnock attackers outright, instead trying to scare them away with false images. Instead of fleeing, however, they became “angrier and more cruel”, laying waste to the planet. Finally, Rishon left Kevin’s side and joined the fight against the Husnock perishing with the other colonists. When Kevin found her body, he lost control of his emotions; in a fury of blind rage, he summoned his powers and destroyed the Husnock completely, all fifty billion of the species. When Kevin regained his senses and realized what he had done, he was horrified. He used his powers to recreate his house and Rishon, then sentenced himself to exile as the only living being on Rana IV.


drayanHomeworld: Drayan II
Warp capable: Yes, but no longer used
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None known
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: by Voyager, VOY: “Innocence”
Distinctive Features: Scaly, triangular patch at the center of their hairline
Known members: Alcia, Elani, Fayla, Corin, Jarren, Tressa

The Drayans were a species from the Delta quadrant that preferred to keep to themselves. The Drayan aging process was the reverse of that of Humans. Children appeared to be adults and elders appeared to be children. Around their ninetieth year they felt a call to a cave on one of their moons and went there to die. The process of their death is uncertain but they left no bodies, only a pile of clothing.


dremanHomeworld: Drema IV
Warp capable: No
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None known
Federation Status: Non-communicative, to primitive.
First Encountered: By the USS Enterprise-D (TNG: Pen Pals)
Distinctive Features: dark orange skin, enlarged foreheads and long fingers
Known members: Sarjenka
The Dremans are a pre-warp civilization. In 2365, Data violated the Prime Directive when he responded to a radio call from a Dreman named Sarjenka. The Dremans were endangered with extinction when their geologically unstable planet was about to be destroyed. The USS Enterprise D, helped stabilize the planet and save the culture without revealing themselves to the rest of the population. Sarjenka’s memory was also erased by Dr. Crusher.