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bakuHomeworld: Ba’ku, a planet in the Briar Patch (Piavon Regalias Sector)
Life Span: Unknown but Extended due to metaphasic radiation
Warp capable: Yes but abandoned
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class type planet
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Member 2378
First Encountered: Star Trek: Insurrection
Known members: Anij, Artim, Gal’na, Gen’a, Jat’ko, Ro’tin, Sojef, Tournel

The Ba’ku people were a technologically advanced humanoid civilization. In the early 21st century, the race developed weapons of mass destruction and was on the brink of self-annihilation. A small, enlightened group of the Ba’ku people left there home planet and settled on an isolated planet. They discovered metaphasic radiation in the planet’s rings, caused their aging process to significantly slow.

In 2375, First Contact between the Ba’ku and the Federation was established during a failed cultural observation mission.


barashHomeworld: Alpha Onias III
Known aliases: Jean-Luc Riker
Life Span: Known, but long by human standards
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Insectoid
Federation Status: Allied
First Encountered :Star Trek TNG “Future Imperfect”

Barash is a member of a Grey-like alien species who was left as the sole inhabitant of a desolate planet after his homeworld was attacked and his species decimated.

To keep him safe and entertained, Barash was left with sophisticated technology which combines functions of holodecks and neural scanners to allow him to create anything he desired. After countless years of solitude, Barash felt he needed someone real to interact with. He lured the Enterprise D to the planet by faking signals. Barash kidnapped Commander William T. Riker and created an elaborate illusion for Riker to experience. Taking the form of a young Human, Barash pretended to be Riker’s son. He tried to convince Riker that he was living sixteen years in the future and affected by a virus-induced amnesia.


barkonianHomeworld: Barkon IV
Warp capable: No
Classification: Humanoid
Telepathic abilities: No
Federation Status: Neutral, to primitive
First Encountered: By the USS Enterprise-D (TNG: Thine Own Self)
Distinctive Features: Brown markings on their foreheads.
Known members: Garvin, Gia, Skoran, Talur
A pre-industrial, humanoid civilization residing on Barkon IV, located in the Barkon System. While retrieving a downed radioactive space probe on their planet, Lieutenant Commander Data encountered the humanoid Barkonians, unwittingly exposing them to radiation poisoning. Living among the Barkonians, Data was given the name Jayden and was told that he was probably an “Iceman” from the Vellorian Mountains.


benziteHomeworld: Benzar
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: Breathe gas heavy in chlorine
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Allied
First Encountered: TNG: Coming of Age)
Blood Coloration: Mercury and platinum; takes the form of a thick orange liquid when oxidized.
Distinctive Features: blue-gray skin and large, short-pointed ears
Known members: Hoya, Mendon, Mordock


Mostly humanoid race whose members require a special breathing apparatus for oxygen atmospheres. This apparatus is worn on their chest with an extension reaching up to just in front of the mouth and nose slit.

Benzites are highly competitive, preferring to work alone in order to claim credit when they achieve an objective. They find failure deeply shameful, and may conceal the results of their work until they are sure they are right.


betazoidHomeworld: Betazed
Life Span: female: 160 – 175 years; male: 150 – 165 years
Warp capable: Yes 2139
Borg Designation: Species 1599
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: class M conditions
Telepathic abilities: Very strong and well-developed
Federation Status: Member (admitted 2273)
Blood Coloration: red iron-based
Distinctive Features: black irises
Known members: Deanna Troi (Half), Lwaxana Troi, Tam Elbrun, Lon Suder

The Betazoids are a telepathic humanoid civilization originating from the planet Betazed, and are members of the United Federation of Planets.

Externally, Betazoids were physically indistinguishable from Humans in every aspect but one: the irises of their eyes were completely black. They could even cross-breed with Humans, along with other humanoid races like Klingons and Tavnians.

Betazoids were natural telepaths. The common psychic abilities of Betazoids extended from sensing thoughts and/or emotions, over projecting thoughts and/or emotions, to manipulating the minds of others.

The Houses of Betazed is the top most social class of Betazed society. All of the individuals in this class are considered to be actual descendants of ancestral Betazoids. The Houses of Betazoids are numbered, and they can also be classified in the qualities that the Houses are supposed to hold. There are a total of about 13 separate houses, based on ancestor and qualities.

First House of Betazed: House of Honesty/Truth
Second House of Betazed: Unknown House
Third House of Betazed: House of Health
Fourth House of Betazed: House of Natural Art
Fifth House of Betazed: House of Nobility
Sixth House of Betazed: Unknown House
Seventh House of Betazed: House of Courage
Eighth House of Betazed: House of Intuition
Ninth House of Betazed: Unknown House
Tenth House of Betazed: House of Perseverance
Eleventh House of Betazed: Unknown House
Twelfth House of Betazed: House of Balance
Thirteenth House of Betazed: House of Peace and Protection


bajoranHomeworld: Bajor
Life Span: Over 100
Warp capable: Yes 2328
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: Class M conditions
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Member 2388
Encountered: TNG: Ensign Ro, (and throughout the DS9 series)
Blood Coloration: Rusty
Distinctive Features: Ridges on nose
Known members: Ro Laren, Kira Nerys, Opaka, Leeta, many more to numerous to name all.
Humanoid race, distinguished outwardly only by extra wrinkles at the bridge of the nose, have wandered the galaxy and settled on various worlds ever since their homeland was occupied by Cardassians 40 years previously (circa 2328).

By custom, their familial name is used before the individual name. Bajorans are led by both a spiritual leader (Kai) and by a provisional government.

Since the discovery of the wormhole near the Bajoran homeworld on stardate 46379.1, the Bajorans have enjoyed an increase in political power in their sector.


bandiHomeworld: Deneb IV.
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Federation Status: Allied, refused membership
First Encountered: by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Stardate 41153.7 (TNG: Encounter at Farpoint)
Known members: Groppler Zorn.
A humanoid culture who applied for entry into the Federation. The Bandi were refused Federation membership due to the discovery made by the Enterprise D crew that the they had trapped and enslaved another life-form.


bolianHomeworld: Bolarus IX
Warp capable: Yes 23rd century
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: Class M conditions
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Member
First Encountered: TNG: Allegiance, as well as DS9: The Forsaken
Blood Coloration: Blue, cobalt-based
Distinctive Features: blue skin with a vertical cartilaginous ridge
Known members: Hars Adislo, Alandra, Lysia Arlin, Boq’ta, Brathaw, Ardon Broht, Zim Brott, Chell, Golwat, Graife, Mitena Haro, Mot, Rixx (Captain), V’Sal, Vadosia

Bolians are known for a ridge running vertically along the center of the head and face. Their skin color ranges from light green-blue to blue-gray to vivid blue and was occasionally accented with dark blue bands on the head. Typically Bolians were gregarious, hardworking, and meticulous. They enjoyed cooperation and work group dynamics.


boraalanHomeworld: originally from Boraal II, resettled to Vacca VI.
Warp capable: No
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: none known
Federation Status: To primitive
First Encountered: TNG episode: “Homeward”
Distinctive Features: ridge along their nose and lower forehead
Known members: Dobara, Kateras, Tarrana, Vorin

The Boraalans were studied for a number of years by the Federation. Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko broke the Prime Directive and was living among the Boraalans. In 2370 when Boraal II fell victim to a rapid atmospheric dissipation, and all life on the planet was destroyed, Rozhenko beamed a group of the Boraalans to the holodeck of the Enterprise D in an effort to save them.

Despite this violation in the Prime Directive Picard agreed to find the Boraalans a new home. The isolated world of Vacca VI was chosen and though a simulation on the holodeck the Boraalans were lead to believe they had walked to a new location on their previous planet.

The Borg

borgspeciesHomeworld: Arehaz, Borg Prime, Delta Quadrant
Warp capable: Yes, 46th century BC
Classification: Cybernetic Humanoids
Environmental requirements: The Borg typically operated in an atmosphere with a constant temperature of 39.1 °C (102.38 °F), 92% relative humidity, an atmospheric pressure of approximately 102 kPa, and trace amounts of tetryon particles.
Federation Status: At War
First Encountered: First confirmed encounter was by USS Enterprise-D Stardate 42761 (2365).
Blood Coloration: Varies by assimilated species.
Distinctive Features: Pasty white skin with black and dark grey cybernetic implants covering most of their body.
Known members: Hugh, Icheb (former), Locutus (former), Seven of Nine (former), Mezoti (former), Azan (former), Rebi (former), Borg Queen.

The Borg are a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. No single individual truly existed within the Borg Collective (with the possible sole exception of the Borg Queen), as all Borg were linked into a hive mind. Their ultimate goal was the attainment of ‘perfection’ through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge. As a result, the Borg were among the most powerful and feared power in the galaxy.

Listen to Borg standard hail:

A Borg vessel traveled back in time from 2373 in an unsuccessful attack on Earth in 2063. In late 2366 a Borg cube invaded Federation space and assimilated Jean-Luc Picard, whose tactical information contributed, along with the Borg’s own vastly superior power, to Starfleet’s disastrously one-sided engagement with the cube, the Battle of Wolf 359. All but one of a fleet of forty starships were destroyed, while the cube remained intact, damaged but healing rapidly. The Enterprise-D recovered Picard and used his connection to the hive-mind to disable the cube,by putting it to sleep, before it could attack Earth.

In 2378, a crippling blow was delivered to the Borg when Voyager discovered one of their transwarp hubs and destroyed it, killing the Borg Queen and destroying the Unicomplex in the process. During this battle, the Borg were infected with a neurolytic pathogen, which was carried by Admiral Janeway and designed to disrupt the hive mind, to bring chaos to order. It was this pathogen that killed the Borg Queen, and allowed Voyager to destroy the transwarp hub.


breenHomeworld: Breen, a world near the Black Cluster
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: cold, Glacial
Telepathic abilities: None, but not able to be read by telepaths.
Federation Status: At war
First Encountered: TNG: The Loss
Blood Coloration: no blood or other liquid circulatory system
Distinctive Features: Constantly wear refrigeration suits
Known members: Gor, Gren, Lok, Pran, Rong, Sar, Trel,Vart, Vog, Za’dag


The Breen are a humanoid species native to the ice planet Breen. Their true appearance remains unknown, as they have never been seen on screen without their refrigeration suits, but the shape of their masks suggests that they have a snout.

As much as they are a reclusive, rarely seen race, they are also one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy. Initially neutral, the Breen later joined the Cardassians and the Changelings in the a final war against the Federation.

The Romulans have the saying: “Never turn your back on a Breen”


brekkianHomeworld: Brekka
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: By the USS Enterprise-D (TNG: Symbiosis)
Distinctive Features: Identical to humans except for an extra cartilage bridge on the nose.
Known members: Bollinger, Langor, Sobi

The Brekkians are a space faring species from the planet Brekka. They possess the natural ability to generate electrical discharges with their bodies.

They once supplied the Ornarans with felicium to help them survive a plague. The Brekkians cured the plague but did not inform the Ornarans, preferring to keep supplying them with the drug for profit.


brunaliHomeworld: Unknown, Delta quadrant
Warp capable: Yes
Borg Designation: 2461
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Telepathic abilities: None
Federation Status: Neutral
First Encountered: by the USS Voyager. (VOY: “Collective”)
Distinctive Features: facial ridge bisecting the forehead
Known members: Icheb, Leucon, Mala, Remi, Yifay, Yivel
The Brunali were an agricultural species whose homeworld lay at the mouth of a Borg transwarp conduit in the Delta Quadrant. Once an advanced space-faring civilization, frequent and devastating attacks by the Collective left the planet in ruins.

In order to prevent further Borg attacks, the surviving Brunali returned to a low-tech state, hiding any technology they do use, in an effort to not bring attention to themselves from passing borg ships.

They genetically engineered a children with anti-Borg pathogens and sent them out as bait in small ships to be assimilated by passing borg ships. Once assimilated the virus was spread throughout the cube, destroying all the drones on board with the exception of Borg children left in maturation chambers. Voyager rescued a group of these borg children including Icheb, a Brunali who they later found out carried this virus.


bynarHomeworld: Bynaus in the Beta Magellan system
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: M class
Federation Status: Allied
First Encountered: The USS Enterprise-D helped them in 2364. (TNG: “11001001)
Distinctive Features: lilac skin and enlarged skulls.
Known members: Zero Zero, Zero One, One Zero, One One
The Bynars have evolved into a civilization that is entirely integrated into their planet’s computer network. When a Bynar was born, a surgeon removes the child’s parietal lobe and replaced it with a synaptic processor. They are genetically bonded to another for life, and the two can communicate with each other using complex binary code. The Bynars’ high adaptability to technology and computers means that they can access most computer systems across the galaxy.