Plot: Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT) focuses on the 22nd century adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer aboard the Enterprise NX-01 during the early days of interstellar travel.  The NX designation indicates that this Enterprise is an experimental prototype; Archer’s ship is Earth’s first vessel designed for long-range exploration of the galaxy.  Prior to the development of warp engines that could reach a velocity of warp 5, missions of this nature were impossible.  At warp 2, only a handful of inhabited planets were within a year’s travel from Earth.  But at warp 5, that number increases to ten thousand planets!  It is Archer’s job to visit as many of those worlds as he can.  At 190 meters long, the NX-01 is a bit smaller than Kirk’s Enterprise, and carries a crew complement of just eighty-three men and women, all human, with the exception of the Vulcan science officer and the Denobulan doctor.  Unlike the starships of the four other Star Trek series, this Enterprise doesn’t have deflector shields or phasers, but it does come equipped with a phase cannon and a rudimentary transporter that functions efficiently most of the time. ( )

Rating:  TV-PG

Creator:  Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek)

Episode Runtime: 44 minutes 

Network: UPN

Distributors:  CBS Paramount Domestic Television, UPN

On TV: 2001-2005 (4 Seasons – 98 Episodes)


David Livingston
Allan Kroeker
Michael Vejar
Roxann Dawson
David Straiton
LeVar Burton
James L. Conway
James A. Contner
Robert Duncan McNeill
Michael Grossman
James Whitmore Jr.
Patrick R. Norris
Marvin V. Rush

Rick Berman
Brannon Braga
Gene Roddenberry
Mike Sussman
Chris Black
Manny Coto
André Bormanis
Phyllis Strong
John Shiban
Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
David A. Goodman
Fred Dekker
André Jacquemetton
Maria Jacquemetton
Stephen Beck
Terry Matalas
Brent V. Friedman
Alan Brennert
Ken LaZebnik
Tim Finch

Executive producer – Rick Berman
Executive producer – Brannon Braga
Supervising producer – Merri D. Howard
Supervising producer – Peter Lauritson
Producer – Dawn Velazquez
Co-producer – Stephen Welke
Co-producer – Brad Yacobian
Producer – J.P. Farrell
Co-producer / producer – Mike Sussman
Co-executive producer / supervising producer – Chris Black
Co-producer – Phyllis Strong
Consulting producer – David A. Goodman
Executive producer / co-executive producer – Manny Coto
Co-executive producer – John Shiban
Co-producer РAndr̩ Bormanis
Consulting producer – Fred Dekker
Producer – Antoinette Stella
Consulting producer – Brent V. Friedman
Consulting producer – Alan Brennert
Supervising producer – Ken LaZebnik
Co-producer – Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Co-producer – Judith Reeves-Stevens
Co-producer – Tim Finch
Associate producer – David Rossi

Music – Dennis McCarthy
Music – Jay Chattaway
Music – Paul Baillargeon
Music – Velton Ray Bunch
Music – Kevin Kiner
Music – David Bell
Music – Brian Tyler
Music – John Frizzell
Sound mixer – Greg Agalsoff
Dialogue editor / sound editor – Dale Chaloukian
Sound editor – Ashley Harvey
Foley mixer – Chris Trent
Supervising sound editor – Bill Wistrom
Re-recording sound utility – Erich Gann
Sound mix technician / sound recordist – Steve Kinsey
Boom operator – John Agalsoff Jr.
Adr mixer – Dean St. John
Sound re-recording mixer – Chris Elam
Sound editor / supervising sound effects editor – Masanobu ‘Tomi’ Tomita
Sound editor – Shaun Varney
Supervising sound effects editor / sound editor – James Wolvington
Utility sound technician – Tim Song Jones
Foley artist – Hilda Hodges
Foley artist – Katherine Rose
Adr recordist – Julie Altus
Sound – Chris Cooper
Utility sound technician – Ron Cooper
Adr assistant mixer / sound mixer – Jesse Dodd
Foley recordist – Mark Hensley
Assistant sound editor – Carrie Lisonbee
Sound re-recordist – Daniel Nakamura
Sound recordist – Dennis Petersen
Music scoring mixer – Rick Winquest
Orchestrator – Takeshi Furukawa
Music editor – Stephen M. Rowe
Orchestrator – William Boston
Orchestrator – Dana Niu
Music producer – Dean Grinsfelder
Orchestral scoring recordist – John Rodd

Marvin V. Rush
Douglas Knapp

Daryl Baskin
David Koeppel
Robert Lederman
David Milhous
J.P. Farrell

Makeup artist – Suzanne Diaz
Hair stylist – Roma Goddard
Makeup artist – Jeff Lewis
Hair stylist – Gloria Pasqua Casny
Makeup artist – Steven E. Anderson
Special makeup effects artist / makeup artist – Roxy D’Alonzo
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Additional hair stylist – Nanci Cascio
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Hair stylist – Martin Kopulsky
Hair stylist – Miia Kovero
Special makeup effects artist – Margie Latinopoulos
Additional hair stylist – Brad Scott
Makeup artist – Robin Slater
Makeup artist – Tegan Taylor

Costume designer – Robert Blackman

Costumer – Fran Murphy
Wardrobe supervisor – Carol Kunz
Key costumer – Phyllis Corcoran-Woods
Costumer – Brian Cotton

Construction coordinator / property master – Thomas J. Arp
Concept artist / production illustrator – John Eaves
Scenic art supervisor – Michael Okuda
Set dresser / leadman – Max Bozeman
Property master – Craig Binkley
Graphic designer – Alan Kobayashi
Set dresser – David Dunn
Carpenter – Tony Chavez
Set dresser – Adam Zerkel
Propmaker foreman – Frank Leasure
Scenic artist – Geoffrey Mandel
Production illustrator: props – David E. Duncan
Set designer – Anthony Bro
Scenic artist – Anthony Fredrickson
Scenic artist – Wendy Drapanas
Production illustrator: props – Jim Martin
Sculptor – Joby Harris
Scenic artist – James Van Over

Special effects

Special effects – Jeffrey Baxter
Special effects technician – Dennis Yeager II
Special effects / special effects coordinator – Richard Ratliff
Special effects technician – Kevin Pike
Animatronic baby effects – Andy Clement

Visual effects

Visual effects compositor assistant – John Hirota
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Stunt double / stunts – Shawn Crowder
Stunts – Kevin Derr
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Stunt double: Sean McGowan / stunt double: Steven Culp – Alex Chansky
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Stunt performer – Ken Clark
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Stunt double – Alex Madison
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Stunt performer – Carrick O’Quinn
Stunts: borg – Louis Ortiz
Stunt double – Bridgett Riley
Stunts – Paul E. Short
Stunts – Tim Sitarz
Stunts – Justin Sundquist
Stunts: Vulcan – Scott L. Treger
Stunt double: Scott Bakula – Gary J. Wayton
Stunt double: Jolene Blalock – Boni Yanagisawa

Key video engineer / video operator – Ben Betts
Video supervisor – Denise Okuda
Camera operator – Gary Tachell
Assistant camera – Rick Lamb
Electrician – Patric J. Abaravich
First company grip – Randy Burgess
First assistant camera – Jim Nygren
Lighting technician – Martin Reder
Steadicam operator – Gavin Ames
Assistant camera – Rich Floyd
Still photographer – Michael Yarish
Camera operator – Douglas Knapp
Chief lighting technician / gaffer – William L. Peets
First company grip – John ‘Jay’ Devlin
Rigging grip – Jeff Diaz
Film loader / second assistant camera – Perez Hinton
Grip – Bob Myers
Assistant camera – Terry Schroth

Production management

Unit production manager – Brad Yacobian

Assistant director

Second assistant director / first assistant Michael DeMeritt
Second assistant director / dga trainee / – John Tagamolila
Second second assistant director / second assistant Michael Risner
First assistant Jerry Fleck
Second assistant David Trotti
Dga trainee – Nick Candy
First assistant Arlene Fukai
Second assistant director: second unit – Jeani Harris-Olivieri
Dga trainee – Yuko Ogata
Dayplayer second second assistant director / second assistant director: dayplayer – Carrie Specht

Other Crew:

Titles – Amy D’Alessandro
Pre-production coordinator / assistant to producers – Juan Carlos Fernandez
Title designer: main title sequence – Guillermo Lecuona
Technical consultant / technical advisor – Michael Okuda
Assistant accountant – Amanda Simonson
Animal trainer – Linda Rowe
Script supervisor – Jan Rudolph
Story editor / executive story editor РAndr̩ Bormanis
Production assistant / production associate – Doug Mirabello
Production assistant / assistant to line producer – Sarah Rissmiller
Stock footage researcher – David Ross Smith
Pre-production coordinator – Maggie Allen
Assistant to producers – Gennifer Hutchison
Assistant production coordinator / production coordinator – Gayliann Harvey
Story editor РAndr̩ Jacquemetton
Story editor – Maria Jacquemetton
Executive story editor – Phyllis Strong
Executive story editor – Mike Sussman
Production assistant – Nic Fiorina
Executive story editor – Stephen Beck
Story editor – Jonathan Fernandez
Stand-in – Melissa Vinicor
Assistant production coordinator / assistant to producers – Eric Norman
Production assistant – Eric Matsumoto
Executive story editor – Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Executive story editor – Judith Reeves-Stevens
Synthesizer programmer – David James Nielsen
Production associate – Joanna Fuller
Production associate – Terry Matalas
Production coordinator – Diane Overdiek
Production accountant – Suzie Shimizu
Production assistant – Shelley Andagan
Animal trainer – Sarah Clifford
Promotion manager – Allen Fogderude
Stand-in – Jonathan D. Gleicke
Dialect coach – Sophia Lansky
Assistant to producers – Donna Rooney
Animal trainer – Scott Rowe
First assistant accountant – Lenore Sena
High definition consultant – Andrew Sobkovich

Cast / Starfleet Personnel

Jonathan Archer

Played by: Scott Bakula
Rank: Captain
Species: Human


Played by: Jolene Blalock
Rank: Sub-Commander (Vulcan), Commander (Starfleet)
Species: Vulcan

Charles “Trip” Tucker

Played by: Connor Trinneer
Rank: Commander
Species: Human


Played by: John Billingsley
Rank: Chief medical officer
Species: Denobulan

Malcolm Reed

Played by: Dominic Keating
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Human

Travis Mayweather

Played by: Anthony Montgomery
Rank: Ensign
Species: Human

Hoshi Sato

Played by: Linda Park
Rank: Ensign
Species: Human

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