Season: 3

Original Airdate: 9/10/2003

Writer(s): Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Director(s): Allan Kroeker

Guest Stars
Steven Culp as Major Hayes
Richard Lineback as Kessick
Stephen McHattie as Alien Foreman
Tucker Smallwood as Xindi-Humanoid
Randy Oglesby as Degra
Rick Worthy as Xindi-Arboreal
Scott MacDonald as Xindi-Reptilian
Marco Sanchez as Corporal Romero
Daniel Dae Kim as Corporal Chang
Nathan Anderson as Sergeant Kemper
Chris Freeman as Alien Head Guard
Adam Taylor Gordon as Young Trip

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: Six weeks into the Delphic Expanse, Captain Archer and his crew learn of a Xindi working at a mining colony, and set out to track him down and gain information about the mysterious antagonistic race.

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