Season: 2

Original Airdate: 5/21/2003

Writer(s): Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Director(s): Allan Kroeker

Guest Stars
Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Forrest
Gary Bullock as Klingon Council Member
Josh Cruze as Captain Ramirez
Dan Desmond as Klingon Chancellor
David Figlioli as Klingon Crewman
Gary Graham as Soval
Daniel Riordan as Duras
John Fleck as Silik
James Horan as Humanoid Figure
L. Sidney as Klingon Crewman #2
Bruce Wright as Dr. Fer’at

Stardate: Apr. 24, 2153

Synopsis: In the season finale, Earth is savagely attacked by a mysterious alien probe that leaves millions of people killed. When Archer learns that the culprit species is planning to destroy the entire planet with their next assault, Enterprise embarks on a new mission into the dangerous and highly mysterious Delphic Expanse to put a stop to it. Although T’Pol is given a direct order from the Vulcan High Command not to participate in this mission, she resigns her post in order to continue with Enterprise. Meanwhile, the Klingons, who are bent on destroying Archer, continue their hot pursuit of Enterprise all the way into the expanse.

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