Season: 2

Original Airdate: 5/7/2003

Writer(s): Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Director(s): David Livingston

Guest Stars
Mark Chadwick as Male Tarkalean
Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Forrest
Jim Fitzpatrick as Commander Williams
Bonita Friedericy as Rooney
Adam Harrington as Researcher
Nicole Randal as Female Tarkalean
Paul Scott as Foster
John Short as Drake
Chris Wynne as Dr. Moninger

Stardate: Mar. 1, 2153

Synopsis: An arctic research team on Earth discovers debris from an alien vessel, nearly a century old, buried in a glacier along with the bodies of two cybernetically enhanced humanoids. Once those beings are thawed for investigation, they come to life and abduct the scientists and their transport vessel. Enterprise is called to intercept, but Captain Archer and his crew find these cyborgs to be an intractable, insidious enemy.

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