Season: 3

Original Airdate: 5/19/2004

Writer(s): André Bormanis & Chris Black
Director(s): Robert Duncan McNeill

Guest Stars
Steven Culp as Major Hayes
Scott MacDonald as Reptilian Commander
Rick Worthy as Xindi-Arboreal
Tucker Smallwood as Xindi-Humanoid
Josette DiCarlo as Sphere-Builder Woman
Bruce Thomas as Reptilian Soldier
Andrew Borba as Reptilian Lieutenant
Mary Mara as Sphere-Builder Presage
Ruth Williamson as Sphere-Builder Primary
Paul Dean as Reptilian Technician

Stardate: Feb. 13, 2154

Synopsis: Archer and the Xindi plot to destroy the Xindi weapon possessed by the Earth-hating Reptilians, who try to brainwash Sato into deciphering its launch code.

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