Season: 4

Original Airdate: 1/28/2005

Writer(s): Michael Sussman & Andre Bormanis
Director(s): David Straiton

Guest Stars
Jeffrey Combs as Shran
Lee Arenberg as Gral (Tellarite)
Brian Thompson as Valdore
J. Michael Flynn as Nijil
Molly Brink as Talas
Kevin Brief as Naarg

Stardate: November 12, 2154

Synopsis: Enterprise agrees to escort Tellarite delegates to peace talks with Andorians. En route they rescue several Andorians who abandoned the ship Kumarr, who insist it was Tellarites who attacked them. When Enterprise is soon attacked by the same ship which now appears to be a Andorian ship, Archer must prove to the warring races that a third party must be setting them up to fail at their attempt at peace.

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