Season: 4

Original Airdate: 2/18/2005

Writer(s): Manny Coto
Director(s): Michael Grossman

Guest Stars
Ada Maris as Captain Erika Hernandez
John Schuck as Antaak
James Avery as General K’Vagh
Eric Pierpoint as Harris
Terrell Tilford as Marab
Kate McNeil as Lt. Collins
Seth MacFarlane as Ensign Rivers
Marc Worden as Klingon Prisoner
Brad Greenquist as Alien #1
Derek Magyar as Kelby

Stardate: November 27, 2154

Synopsis: While Enterprise is at Earth, Phlox is abducted by the Klingons and forced to research a cure for a virus destined to wipe out the race. Reed is tapped by a secret agency and ordered to betray Archer. Trip transfers to the Columbia.

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