Season: 6

Original Airdate: 6/10/1998

Writer(s): Pam Pietroforte
Director(s): Winrich Kolbe

Guest Stars
Debra Wilson as Lisa Cusak
Penny Johnson as Kasidy Yates

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: Onboard the Defiant, Sisko and the crew pick up a distress signal and the voice of Captain Lisa Cusak, whose escape pod has crashed on a remote planet following the destruction of her ship. Although two-way communication has not been established, Lisa transmits her voice constantly as the crew begins the six-day trip to rescue her. O’Brien listens to the sometimes-amusing monologue and is surprised when she — having overheard a conversation between him and Kasidy Yates — suddenly speaks to him. Both realize contact has been established, and Lisa finally knows she will be rescued.

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