Season: 2

Original Airdate: 5/22/1994

Writer(s): Gary Holland

Director(s): Cliff Bole

Guest Stars
Philip Anglim as Vedek Bareil
Louise Fletcher as Vedek Winn
Camille Saviola as Kai Opaka
Bert Remsen as Kubus

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: Vedek Winn and Vedek Bareil are both in line to be the new Kai of Bajor. The choosing of the new Kai is only days away when Vedek Winn comes to Deep Space 9 with a startling revelation for Kira Nerys – her friend and lover Vedek Winn may have been a collaborator with the Cardassians and may have been responsisible for the massacre of over forty Bajorans.

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