Season: 5

Original Airdate: 11/25/1996

Writer(s): Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Director(s): Allan Kroeker

Guest Stars
Max Grodenchik as Rom
Aron Eisenberg as Nog

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: Odo and Quark are trapped on a snow planet and must rely on each other to survive. Much of the episode was filmed by nearby mountains so they could get some real snow. Secondary plot: Nog has entered his second year of Starfleet Academy and that means he is sent off to serve a year of crew duty. He reports to DS9 and he and Jake become roommates. The problem becomes when the two find out they are like ‘The Odd Couple’ — Nog has changed a great deal during his year at the Academy and the two are rather unsure of one another.

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