Season: 1

Original Airdate: 2/7/1993

Writer(s): Hannah Louise Shearer

Director(s): Paul Lynch

Guest Stars
John de Lancie as Q
Jennifer Hetrick as Vash
Van Epperson as Bajoran Clerk
Tom McCleister as Kolos
Laura Cameron as Bajoran Woman

Stardate: 46531.2

Synopsis: A shuttlecraft on an exploratory mission in the Gamma Quadrant finds Vash alone on a planet and in need of help. They bring her back to the station along with her curios from archeological digs in the quadrant. Q pays a visit to the station to try and convince Vash to travel with him again as they did when they left the Enterprise together in the episode QPID. Vash has no plans to go with Q and there is some obvious enmity between them. Instead, she joins with Quark in a business venture to sell the items she has found in the Gamma Quadrant. Meanwhile, a strange energy drain befuddles the crew of the station and draws them inexorably closer to the worm hole.

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