Season: 7

Original Airdate: 1/6/1999

Writer(s): Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Director(s): Victor Lobl

Guest Stars
Kevin Rahm as Norvo
Mikael Salazar as Janel
John Paragon as Bokar
Clayton Landey as Fuchida

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: Sisko is furious when he learns O’Brien has vanished while on a secret trip to New Sydney, where he was searching for the widow of a criminal named Bilby, whom he befriended while undercover. Because Ezri’s family owns a mining operation in the system, Sisko asks her to help find O’Brien. Ezri returns home, where she’s reunited with her domineering mother, Yanas Tigan – a shrewd business woman – and her brothers Norvo and Janel, who work for the business.

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