Season: 4

Original Airdate: 1/13/1996

Writer(s): Ronald D. Moore
Director(s): Reza Badiyi

Guest Stars
Robert Foxworth as Leyton
Herschel Sparber as Jaresh-Inyo
Susan Gibney as Benteen
Aron Eisenberg as Nog
David Drew Gallagher as Riley Shepard
Mina Badie as Security Officer
Rudolph Willrich as Academy Commandant
Brock Peters as Joseph Sisko

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: The power on the whole planet is dropped and the Dominion is the main suspect. While Starfleet Security prepares for the confrontation it becomes clear that some troops cannot bve used, and Sisko thinks Starfleet Command is behind this. Sisko reports to the president of the Federation. He is unwilling to believe this untill Odo suddenly appears from an object he changes his mind. Sisko calls in the Defiant, but the USS Lakota gets the order to stop the defiant. Now Sisko has to convince the crew of the Lakota that their orders are given by a changeling, and solve the conspiracy.

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