Season: 7

Original Airdate: 11/11/1998

Writer(s): Ronald D. Moore
Director(s): Allan Kroeker

Guest Stars
John Colicos as Kor
J.G. Hertzler as Martok
Neil C. Vipond as Darok
Nancy Youngblut as Kolana
Blake Lindsley as Synon

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: To Worf’s surprise, he is paid a visit by Kor, an aging Klingon war hero. Kor admits that his ambition has earned him countless enemies, and that consequently he has been unable to secure the command of a ship. Worf promises to find him a miltary command, and approaches General Martok with the request – which is angrily refused. Martok explains that years earlier Kor had denied Martok officer status because he was descended from a common house. Undaunted, Worf appoints Kor as a third officer on the Ch’Tang, Martok’s flagship, where he is treated with awe by the crew – much to Martok’s chagrin.

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