Season: 7

Original Airdate: 2/10/1999

Writer(s): Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Director(s): Tony Dow

Guest Stars
Art Chudabala as Ilario
Marty Rackham as Chu’lak
Leigh J. McCloskey as Joran

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: A young lieutenant named Ilario is found dead in his quarters. An investigation reveals he was shot by a TR-116 rifle, a weapon developed but never mass-produced by Starfleet. Meanwhile, Ezri confronts one of Dax’s previous incarnations in a dream: Joran, a self-professed murderer, urges Ezri to channel his disturbing memories and enable him to assist her in apprehending Ilario’s killer. When Ezri awakens, she learns that a second murder has occurred.

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