Season: 1

Original Airdate: 2/14/1993

Writer(s): Peter Allan Fields

Director(s): David Carson

Guest Stars
Anne Haney as Judge Renora
Gregory Itzin as Tandro
Fionnula Flanagan as Enina
Richard Lineback as Selin Peers

Stardate: 46910.1

Synopsis: The son of a woman from Dax’s past as Kurzon Dax when he acted as ambassador to another planet, attempts to extradict her for the murder of his father and for treason. Dax refuses to defend herself in any way and the task of her defense befalls to Commander Sisko and Odo who must try to prove that Kurzon Dax (her old Trill identity) and Jadzia Dax (her current Trill identity) are not the same being.

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