Season: 7

Original Airdate: 2/24/1999

Writer(s): Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Director(s): Mike Vejar

Guest Stars
James Darren as Vic Fontaine
Penny Johnson as Kasidy Yates
Marc Lawrence as Mr. Zeemo
Mike Starr as Tony Cicci
Robert Miano as Frankie Eyes
Aron Eisenberg as Nog
Robert O’Reilly as Countman
Chip Mayer as Guard
James Wellington as Al

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: While relaxing in Vic Fontaine’s Las Vegas holosuite lounge, O’Brien and Bashir are surprised by the arrival of mobster Frankie Eyes, who announces that he has bought Vic’s hotel. After he fires Vic, the crew learns that Frankie was created by Vic’s designer. Upset by Frankie’s behaviour, and by the knowledge that the lounge’s atmosphere will now change, the crew desides it must rid him from the program. But he must be eliminated in a way what is period-specific to Fontaine’s era: 1962. The task takes on greater urgency when Vic is beaten up.

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