Plot: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko on space station Deep Space 9, an outpost situated near the mouth of a stable wormhole on the far reaches of explored space. Although Sisko commands Deep Space 9, the station actually belongs to the inhabitants of nearby Bajor, who requested Starfleet’s protective presence after Bajoran freedom fighters put an end to the brutal Cardassian occupation of their world. Approximately a sixth of the station’s 300 permanent residents are Starfleet personnel; there is also a sizable Bajoran militia presence. The rest of Deep Space 9’s inhabitants are civilians, most of whom work in the station’s Promenade, a kind of indoor marketplace. Initially, Sisko’s mandate from Starfleet was to protect Bajor and the station from any hostiles who ventured into the area. But with the discovery of the nearby wormhole—a shortcut through space that leads directly to the uncharted Gamma quadrant—Sisko’s mandate has expanded exponentially, as the region becomes the gateway to all manner of visitors, both friendly and extremely hostile. ( )

Creator: Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Gene Roddenberry

Rating:  TV-PG

Episode Runtime: 44 minutes 

Network: Syndication

Distributors:  CBS Paramount Domestic Television

On TV: 1993 – 2000 (7 Seasons – 176 Episodes)



David Livingston
Les Landau
Winrich Kolbe
Allan Kroeker
LeVar Burton
Avery Brooks
Rene Auberjonois
James L. Conway
Cliff Bole
Michael Vejar
Alexander Singer
Kim Friedman
Jonathan West
Paul Lynch
Reza Badiyi
Corey Allen
David Carson
Victor Lobl
Stephen L. Posey
Jonathan Frakes
Michael Dorn
Jesús Salvador Treviño
John T. Kretchmer
Alexander Siddig
Anson Williams
Chip Chalmers

Rick Berman
Michael Piller
Gene Roddenberry
Ira Steven Behr
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Ronald D. Moore
Hans Beimler
René Echevarria
Bradley Thompson
David Weddle
Peter Allan Fields
James Crocker
Jim Trombetta
Mark Gehred-O’Connell
Joe Menosky
Hilary Bader
Michael Taylor
Evan Somers
Jeri Taylor
Naren Shankar
Richard Danus
Morgan Gendel
Jeanne Carrigan-Fauci
Frederick Rappaport
Lisa Rich
Gary Holland
Tom Benko
Bill Dial
David Mack
John J. Ordover
Ethan H. Calk
Robert Lederman
David R. Long
Nicholas Corea
Toni Marberry
Jack Treviño
Pam Pietroforte
Bryan Fuller
Philip Kim

Executive producer – Rick Berman
Supervising producer / producer – Peter Lauritson
Co-supervising producer / producer – Steve Oster
Executive producer / co-executive producer – Ira Steven Behr
Coordinating producer / line producer – Robert Della Santina
Producer / co-supervising producer РRen̩ Echevarria
Co-executive producer / supervising producer – Ronald D. Moore
Associate producer / co-producer – Terri Potts
Supervising producer / co-supervising producer – Hans Beimler
Co-producer – J.P. Farrell
Supervising producer – David Livingston
Executive producer – Michael Piller
Producer / co-producer – Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Producer / co-producer – Peter Allan Fields
Supervising producer – James Crocker
Associate producer – Kristine Fernandez
Associate producer – Kristine Cox

Music – Dennis McCarthy
Music – Jay Chattaway
Music – David Bell
Music – Paul Baillargeon
Music – Gregory Darryl Smith
Music – John Debney
Adr recordist – Daryl Lathrop
Foley artist – Jerry Trent
Sound editor – Ashley Harvey
Foley mixer – Chris Trent
Supervising sound editor – Mace Matiosian
Sound mixer – William Gocke
Supervising sound editor – Bill Wistrom
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Sound editor – Guy Tsujimoto
Sound editor – Paul Tade
Supervising sound effects editor / supervising sound editor – James Wolvington
Sound editor – Jivan Tahmizian
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Sound editor – Ruth Adelman
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Sound editor – Steffan Falesitch
Sound editor – Dan Yale
Sound re-recording engineer – Bill Henderson
Foley mixer – Marty Church
Sound editor – Wilson Dyer
Sound recordist – Chris Elam
Sound recordist – Dennis Petersen
Adr mixer – Dean St. John
Composer: theme music / composer: title theme – Dennis McCarthy
Music editor – Stephen M. Rowe
Music clearance – Derek Syverud
Music editor – Gerry Sackman
Score mixer – Tim Boyle
Conductor – John Debney
Orchestrator – Brad Dechter
Orchestral scoring recordist – John Rodd
Scoring engineer: Y4 – John Rotondi
Music scoring engineer – Rick Winquest

Jonathan West
Marvin V. Rush
Kris Krosskove

Richard E. Rabjohn
David Ramirez
Robert Lederman
Tom Benko
Stephen M. Tucker

Hair designer / hair stylist – Norma Lee
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Props – Ed Miarecki
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General foreman – Tom Talley

Special effects

Special effects – Gary Monak
Special effects – Edward J. Franklin
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Visual effects

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Technical Daniel Kramer
Visual effects / visual effects supervisor – Robert Legato
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Compositor – Rony Soussan
Animation supervisor: SBS – Eric Guaglione
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Motion control operator
Stephen Lebed – Digital compositor: Illusion Arts – Kenneth Nakada
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Motion control – Les Bernstien
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Morphing supervisor/artist – Ted Fay
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Digital compositor – Don Greenberg
CGI supervisor – John F. Gross
Motion control rigger – Royce Hager
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Prop maker – Dennis Hoerter
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Model maker – Gregory Jein
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Digital artist – Oded Kassirer
3D artist – Mark Kochinski
Digital artist: Foundation Imaging – Koji Kuramura
Motion control operator – Mike Leben
Visual effects compositor – Don Lee
Motion control operator – Paul Maples
Motion control operator – Gray Marshall
Digital artist – Karl J. Martin
Digital artist – Rodney J. McFall
Model maker – Fredric Meininger
Digital artist: series finale – Enrique Munoz
Motion control programmer – Erik Nash
Digital artist – Kevin Quattro
Visual effects compositor – Scott Rader
Visual effects animator – Gregory Rainoff
Visual effects artist – Laurie Resnick
Motion control cameraman – Jim Rider
Digital artist: series finale – Steven Joseph Rogers
Model maker – Joshua D. Rose
Digital effects artist: VisionArt – Barry Safley
Digital compositor – Steven J. Scott
Visual effects – Ka Yaw Tan
Digital artist – Aristomenis Tsirbas
Modeler – Elliot Worman
Visual effects artist – Larry Younger

Stunt coordinator – Dennis Madalone
Stunt double / stunt performer – George B. Colucci Jr.
Stunt performer – Chester E. Tripp III
Stunt performer – Laurence Todd Rosenthal
Stunt performer / stunt double – Joe Murphy
Stunt double – Caron Colvett
Stunt double: Nana Visitor / stunt double: Daphne Ashbrook – Patricia Tallman
Stunt double: Alexander Siddig – Henry Kingi Jr.
Stunt double: Ashley Brianne McDonogh / stunt double: Carrie Stauber – Leslie Hoffman
Utility stunts – Stephen Pisani
Stunt performer – Ben Jensen
Stunts – Bobby Burns
Stunt performer – Brian Hite
Stunt performer – Nancy Thurston
Stunts – Brian Simpson
Stunt double – Brennan Dyson
Stunts – Elle Alexander
Stunts – Ed Anders
Stunts – Chris Blackwood
Stunts – Chuck Borden
Stunts – Jay Caputo
Stunts – Jennifer Caputo
Stunt performer – Ken Clark
Stunt coordinator – BJ Davis
Stunt double: Terri Ferrell – Anita Hart
Stunts – Hubie Kerns Jr.
Stunts – Scott Leva
Stunts – Dyanna Lynn
Stunts – Johnny Martin
Stunts – Phil O’Dell
Stunts – Denney Pierce
Stunts – Steve Rizzo
Stunt double – Rick Sawaya
Stunts – Paul E. Short
Stunts – Lou Simon

Computer/video engineer – Jim Unsinn
First company grip – Steve Gausche
Chief lighting technician – R.D. Knox
Steadicam operator – Gavin Ames
Camera operator: “a” camera / camera operator – Joe Chess
First assistant camera: “a” camera, Steadicam / camera operator: “a” camera – Maricella Ramirez
First company grip – Robert Sordal
Camera operator – Kris Krosskove
Chief lighting technician – William L. Peets
Electrician – Patric J. Abaravich
Chief lighting technician – Ralph Johnson
Second assistant camera – Christian H. Burton
Camera operator – Michael E. Little
Camera operator – William L. Asman
Camera operator – Michael St. Hilaire
Second assistant camera – James ‘Spud’ Danicic
Still photographer – Wren Maloney
Dolly grip – Alvin Simmons

Production management

Unit production manager – Robert Della Santina
Post-production supervisor – Terri Potts
Post-production supervisor – Terri Martinez
Post-production supervisor – Kristine Fernandez
Post-production supervisor – April Nocifora

Assistant director

First assistant director / second assistant Bea Ellen Cameron
First assistant Louis Race
Second assistant Paul Lawrence
First assistant Brian Whitley
Second second assistant director / assistant Wainani Young-Tomich
First assistant Venita Ozols
Second assistant Debra Kent
First assistant Conrad Irving
Second assistant director / first assistant Joe Candrella
First assistant Richard A. Wells
Second assistant Gail Joyce Fortmuller
Second assistant Robin Winter
Second second assistant Ron Dempsey
Dga trainee – Tony Eng
Second second assistant Rusty Mahmood
Second second assistant Karen Reinhart

Editorial department

Telecine colorist – Larry Field
Supervising editor – J.P. Farrell
Post-production coordinator – Cheryl Gluckstern
Assistant editor – Craig Galloway
Post-production coordinator – Dawn Velazquez
Post-production coordinator – April Nocifora
Assistant editor – James Garrett
Assistant editor – Jonathan Posell
Assistant editor – Jonathan Paul Ramirez
Post-production coordinator – Dawn Hernandez
Post-production coordinator – Cara Colombini
Electronic editorial – Brian Q. Kelley
Assistant editor – Noel A. Guerra
Post-production coordinator – Monique K. Chambers

Other Crew:

Technical consultant / senior art supervisor – Michael Okuda
Creative consultant – Michael Piller
Assistant to producers – Mike Mistovich
Title designer: main titles – Dan Curry
Pre-production coordinator / pre-production associate – Lolita Fatjo
Science consultant РAndr̩ Bormanis
Script supervisor – Judi Brown
Technical consultant – Rick Sternbach
Production coordinator – Heidi Smothers
Executive story editor / story editor – Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Story editor / executive story editor – Bradley Thompson
Story editor / executive story editor – David Weddle
Staff production associate – Rob Williams
Production associate – Kristine Fernandez
Production associate – Kim Fitzgerald
Science consultant – Naren Shankar
Production associate – David Rossi
Production associate – Robbin L. Slocum
Assistant to producers – Michael Gerbosi
Production associate – Sandra Sena
Production coordinator – Heidi Julian
Business affairs – Jeffrey Schneider
Script supervisor – Stuart Lippman
Location manager – Lisa White
Choreographer – Laura Behr
Script supervisor – Marilyn Giardino
Production coordinator – Sara Thornberg
Assistant: producers – Chad Zimmerman
Script supervisor – Morgan
Assistant to producers – Jill Sherwin
Production accountant – Hala Gabriel
Adr voice – Jeff Coopwood
Assistant script coordinator – Bob Gillan
Artwork provider – Mark Allen Shepherd
Production assistant – Ryan Van Riper

Cast / Starfleet Personnel

Benjamin Sisko

Played By: Avery Brooks
Rank: Captain
Species: Human

Kira Nerys

Played By: Nana Visitor
Rank: Colonel, Bajoran Militia
Species: Bajoran


Played By:  Rene Auberjonois
Position: Security chief, Bajoran Militia, DS9 detachment
Species: Founder Changeling

Julian Bashir

Played By: Alexander Siddig
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Human


Played By: Michael Dorn
Last Starfleet Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Klingon

Miles Edward O’Brien

Played By: Colm Meaney
Rank: Chief petty officer
Species: Human

Jadzia Dax

Played By: Terry Farrell
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Trill with symbiont

Ezri Dax

Played By: Nicole deBoer
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Species: Trill with symbiont


Played By: Armin Shimerman
Position: Civilian. Owner of Quark’s Bar.
Species: Ferengi

Jake Sisko

Played By: Cirroc Lofton
Rank: Civilian writer and reporter
Species: Human


Played By: Aron Eisenberg
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Ferengi


Played By: Max Grodénchik
Rank: Maintenance Engineer, First Class
Species: Ferengi

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