We are excited to announce Scifijaz just got a whole lot better! We have been hard at work bringing the site into modern times with this complete rebuild. This will allow us to keep you more up to date on what’s happening in the world of Science Fiction. Please pardon our dust while we complete this transition. A large amount of content has been moved over at this point and we are continuing to work to get the remaining content moved as soon as possible. If there is something specific you are waiting on, please let me know and I will do my best to prioritize.



The following content still needs to be moved or updated:

  • All Star Trek Series Episode guides need to be separated 1 page per episode.
  • Babylon 5 Episode Guide
  • Farscape Episode Guide
  • The X-Files Episode Guide
  • Stargate Universe Episode Guide
  • Last Season of Stargate Atlantis Episode Guide
  • Trek Wrecks
  • Known Gate Addresses not complete on The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Gate Travel page
  • Crichtonisms – These are being re-done with audio recordings
  • Crusade General info page and guide
  • X-Files Alien Conspiracy
  • Movies Section

The Following sections we have decided to remove from the website:

  • Games – Flash is no longer supported
  • Other TV – No time to keep up on this. I would like add additional TV shows at some point.
  • All Quotes sections besides Babylon 5 – These will be replaced with audio quotes similar to the Babylon 5 one.
  • Image Gallery/Multi-Media sections – Not needed. A Google image search does just as good.
  • Jaffa Symbols – Redundant information. Added with System Lords.

Please submit any mistake or bug reports though our form here: Contact Us