Plot: The human race has been relocated to a underground city located beneath the Earth’s surface. In the underground city, the population are entertained by holographic TV which broadcasts sex and violence and robotic police force enforces the law. In the underground city, society controls all life, all citizens are drugged to control their emotions and their behavior and sex is a crime. Factory worker THX-1138 stops taking the drugs and he breaks the law when he finds himself falling in love with his room-mate LUH 3417 and is imprisoned when LUH 3417 is pregnant. Escaping from jail with illegal programmer SEN 5241 and a hologram named SRT, THX 1138 goes in search of LUH 3417 and escape to the surface, whilst being pursued by robotic policemen.

Rating: R for some sexuality/nudity

Directed By: George Lucas

Written By: George Lucas and Walter Murch

Production: American Zoetrope, Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Date: March 11, 1971

Budget: $777,000 (estimated)

Runtime: 1 hr. 35 mins.

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THX 1138 – Robert Duvall
SEN 5241 – Donald Pleasence
SRT – Don Pedro Colley
LUH 3417 – Maggie McOmie
PTO – Ian Wolfe
TWA – Marshall Efron
NCH – Sid Haig
DWY – John Pearce
IMM – Irene Forrest (Irene Cagen)

CAM – Gary Alan Marsh
OUE – John Seaton
JOT – Eugene I. Stillman
TRG – Raymond J. Walsh
Shell Dweller – Mark Lawhead
Chrome Robot #1 – Robert Feero
Chrome Robot #1 – Johnny Weissmuller Jr.
ELC – Claudette Bessing
Control Officer – Susan Baldwin
OMM (voice) – James Wheaton