Plot: The story is set in a world where implanted microchips can record all moments of an individual’s life. The chips are removed upon death so the images can be edited into something of a highlight reel for loved ones who want to remember the deceased. Caviezel portrays the leader of the organization that opposes this technology’s development.

Rating: PG-13 for mature thematic material, some violence, sexuality and language

Directed By: Omar Naim

Written By: Omar Naim

Production: Lions Gate Entertainment, Industry Entertainment, Cinetheta, Final Cut Productions

In Theaters: October 15, 2004

Box Office: $548,039 (USA)

Runtime:1 hr. 35 mins.



Alan Hakman – Robin Williams
Delila – Mira Sorvino
Fletcher – Jim Caviezel
Thelma – Mimi Kuzyk
Jennifer Bannister – Stephanie Romanov
Hasan – Thom Bishops
Isabel Bannister – Genevieve Buechner
Michael – Brendan Fletcher
Simon – Vincent Gale

Young Alan – 9 – Casey Dubois
Young Louis – 9 – Liam Ranger
Legz the Tattoo Artist – Joely Collins
Charles Bannister – Michael St. John Smith
Jason Monroe – Chris Britton
Caroline Monroe – Wanda Cannon
Eliza Monroe – Sarah Deakins
Daniel Monroe – George Gordon
Jason Monroe – 6 – Spencer Achtymichuk