Plot: An alien phenomenon of unprecedented size and power is approaching Earth, destroying everything in its path. The only starship in range is the USS Enterprise–still in drydock after a major overhaul. As Captain Willard Decker readies his ship and his crew to face this menace, Admiral James T. Kirk arrives with orders to take command of the Enterprise and intercept the intruder. But it has been three years since Kirk last commanded the Enterprise on its historic five year mission… is he up to the task of saving the Earth?

Rating: G

Directed By: Robert Wise

Written By: Harold Livingston, Alan Dean Foster and Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek)

Production: Paramount Pictures, Century Associates

In Theaters: December 07, 1979

Box Office:  $82,300,000 (USA)

Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated)

Runtime: 2 hr. 12 mins.

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Admiral James T. Kirk – William Shatner
Mr. Spock – Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy – DeForest Kelley
Cmdr. Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott – James Doohan
Lt. Cmdr. Hikaru Sulu – George Takei
Dr. Christine Chapel – Majel Barrett
Lt. Pavel Chekov – Walter Koenig

Lt. Cmdr. Uhura – Nichelle Nichols
Lt. Ilia – Persis Khambatta
Cmdr. Willard Decker – Stephen Collins
CPO Janice Rand – Grace Lee Whitney
Klingon Captain – Mark Lenard
Alien Boy – Billy Van Zandt