Plot: Time-hoppers from the future, led by Louise Baltimore, are abducting airline passengers about to crash, and transporting them a millennium hence in order to reseed a future blighted by environmental disaster. This is a dangerous business, plagued by the specter of accidentally creating time paradoxes, which could throw the future out of whack. Unfortunately, they’ve lost a couple of the stunners they use to subdue troublesome passengers, and these fall into the hands of a curious physicist and an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board. Louise Baltimore must retrieve these devices before a time paradox wipes out her world, but manages to complicate things by developing a romance with Bill Smith.

Rating: PG-13

Directed By: Michael Anderson

Written By: John Varley

Production: First Millenium Partnership, Gladden Entertainment

In Theaters: August 25, 1989

Box Office: $5,777,099 (USA)

Runtime:1 hr. 48 mins.


Bill Smith – Kris Kristofferson
Louise Baltimore – Cheryl Ladd
Dr. Arnold Mayer – Daniel J. Travanti
Sherman the Robot – Robert Joy
Walters – Lloyd Bochner
Coventry – Brent Carver
Tom Stanley – David Mcilwraigth
Roger Keane – Maury Chaykin
Dr. Brindle – Al Waxman
Captain Vern Rockwell – Lawrence Dane
First Officer Ron Kennedy – Thomas Hauff
Don Janz – Peter Dvorsky

Harold Davis – Raymond O’Neill
Kevin Briley – Philip Akin
Raymond Leacock – David Calderisi
Ian Carpenter – Gary Reineke
Craig Ashby – Eugene Clark
Eli Seibel – Cedric Smith
Jerry Bannister – Michael J. Reynolds
Pinky Djakarta – Victoria Snow
Susan Melbourne – Susannah Hoffmann