Plot: Howard the Duck is an extra-terrestrial fowl is accidentally beamed to earth by physicist Dr. Jenning and his assistant Phil. The two go looking for Howard and find him in the home of Beverly Switzer, who was rescued by the interstellar duck from some mean-looking thugs. Beverly and Phil are friends, and when the government finds out about Howard, she helps Phil and Dr. Jenning hide him from the authorities until they can zap him back home.

Rating: PG

Directed By: Willard Huyck

Written By: Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz and Steve Gerber (Comic)

Production: Universal Pictures, Lucasfilm

In Theaters: August 01, 1986

Box Office: $16,295,774 (USA)

Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated)

Runtime:1 hr. 50 mins.



Beverly Switzler – Lea Thompson
Dr. Walter Jenning – Jeffrey Jones
Phil Blumburtt – Tim Robbins
Lieutenant Welker – Paul Guilfoyle
Ronette, Cherry Bomb – Liz Sagal
Cal, Cherry Bomb – Dominique Davalos
K.C., Cherry Bomb – Holly Robinson
Ginger Moss – Tommy Swerdlow
Ritchie – Richard Edson
Carter – Miles Chapin

Howard T. Duck – Ed Gale
Howard T. Duck (voice) – Chip Zien
Howard T. Duck – Tim Rose
Howard T. Duck – Steve Sleap
Howard T. Duck – Peter Baird
Howard T. Duck – Mary Wells
Howard T. Duck – Lisa Sturz
Howard T. Duck – Jordan Prentice