Plot: Bounty hunters from the future raid the present to provide new bodies for the super rich. Prior to a crash, race car driver Alex Furlong is snatched from his cockpit and hurled into the futureworld of 2009. He’s dead. And running for his life. He’s a “freejack,” a stranger in the strangest of lands. And a relentless “bonejacker” can collect millions bringing him in.

Rating: R for language and violence

Directed By: Geoff Murphy

Written By: Steven Pressfield, Ronald Shusett, Dan Gilroy and Robert Sheckley (“Immortality Inc.”)

Production: Morgan Creek Productions

In Theaters: January 17, 1992

Box Office: $17,129,000 (USA)

Budget: $30,000,000 (estimated)

Runtime:1 hr. 50 mins.



Alex Furlong – Emilio Estevez
Vacendak – Mick Jagger
Julie Redlund – Rene Russo
McCandless – Anthony Hopkins
Michelette – Jonathan Banks
Brad – David Johansen

Nun – Amanda Plummer
Boone – Grand L. Bush
Eagle Man – Frankie Faison
Morgan – John Shea
Ripper – Esai Morales
Earnhart – Wilbur Fitzgerald