Plot: Ben Crandall, an alien-obsessed kid, dreams one night of a circuit board. Drawing out the circuit, he and his friends Wolfgang and Darren set it up, and discover they have been given the basis for a starship. Setting off in the ThunderRoad, as they name their ship, they find the aliens Ben hopes they would find… but are they what they seem?

Rating: PG for some mild language and action, and a brief scene involving beer

Directed By: Joe Dante

Written By: Eric Luke

Production: Paramount Pictures

In Theaters: July 12, 1985

Budget: $25,000,000 (estimated)

Runtime:1 hr. 49 mins.



Ben Crandall – Ethan Hawke
Wolfgang Müller – River Phoenix
Steve Jackson – Bobby Fite
Steve Jackson’s Gang – Bradley Gregg
Steve Jackson’s Gang – Georg Olden
Steve Jackson’s Gang – Chance Schwass

Lori Swenson – Amanda Peterson
Darren Woods – Jason Presson
Mrs. Müller – Dana Ivey
Ludwig Müller – Taliesin Jaffe
Mr. Müller – James Cromwell